Making Your Workplace a Better Place to Be.

Better People.

Any endeavor worth pursuing starts with the people. Tom Miller and Symbolist work with a range of individuals, from college students to business personnel, helping them craft a purposeful path to success in their careers.

Better Leaders.

Once individuals realize the impact they can cultivate in the market place, the real work begins. Leadership is not a natural born talent but rather the result of steady, driven and organized work. Better leaders are people who are action-focused.

Better Companies.

In order to create a healthier business or career you need quality people and driven leaders. When those two components are in place, fostering a robust company comes naturally. The work is never done but the foundation has been laid for success.

Recognition & Rewards Systems

Symbolist develops and operates recognition and reward systems that engage employees and promote healthy work cultures. Companies are like people - all are unique, special, quirky, cool, interesting and powerful.

Symbolist’s goal is to understand our client’s culture and then build recognition and reward systems that strengthen culture by engaging employees. We use tools like tenure recognition, on-boarding programs, sales incentives and client promotions to produce results for our clients.

Creating thoughtful change in careers and businesses.

Recognition & Reward Programs

Administer expertly designed incentive, recognition, reward and engagement initiatives that create a sustainable, personal connection to the people that drive your business success.

Speaking Engagements

Book Tom Miller as a keynote on topics such as sales leadership, employee engagement, the value of recognition, and career progression.

Leadership Coaching

Work with an experienced leadership coach to transform your company culture through recognition, to drive your career progression towards growth, or to empower and motivate a sales team to achieve success focused on providing value to others.

Cultivating an environment to help professionals perform at their best.

Connect and Learn about other people making a difference in their industries.

"Recognition is critical us as a company.  For me personally, it’s an opportunity for me to say thank you for the years of service.  Symbolist has been a huge help.  First and foremost, they listen.  They spent a lot of time with me and my staff understanding who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. A first class effort by a first class organization."

Executive Client

“Thomas Miller was amazing at connecting with student and getting everyone involved and intrigued into class conversations. Focus on major points of sales leadership and helped us grow as students and be ready to take the next step. Truly amazing teacher best I've had so far”


“I could always trust Tom and his team at Symbolist to work to understand what I was trying to get done and then to deliver ideas that were targeted and relevant.”

Executive Client

“Tom was incredible, just from this one class, I gained the confidence to take the next step in my career. Tom pushed me outside my comfort zone and told me to reach for the stars. I will always remember this class and what I learned in it, he is the best instructor I have had in my 20 years of life”