Why The Couch?

I was challenged by the question: “are potential clients reflecting much on the ‘why’ when researching for a potential provider for their employee recognition systems?” Why do they need a new program or a retooled program?  Do we need to tell them why they need us?

The first thing that popped in my mind was to give the example of my quest for a new couch.  Lately I’ve been trolling through retail sites and Pinterest like a woman on a mission.  This is a big purchase.  I don’t need to be told why I need a new couch.   I responded to my teammate’s question that once I start researching, my mind is already made up…I just need a new couch.  That’s my “why”… enough said.   So consciously, at this point, I’m only thinking about the “what” and “how.”

After thinking about it more, if the “why” is what drives me to research in the first place, what catches my attention to dig deeper?    What speaks to my “why?” And if my “why” is simply the fact that I need a new couch, any ole’ couch will do.  The “what” and “how” is enough and I can just focus on the dimensions and list of features.  However, what resonates is speaking to something deeper.

I thought more about my “why” and I told you that I was shopping for a new couch because I just need one…period.  Is that the first response of the person or team charged with looking into a recognition provider?   They just need one.  It’s a new year.  The contract with the current provider is about to expire.  Is there something cheaper out there? We need to check that line item off.

So, back to the couch…why do I need a new one?  I am entering a new phase of life.  My old couch represents my old life.  There are even some not so great memories associated with it…i.e. the home it once sat in. My life looks different now and I like how it looks now and want my home to reflect that.  I want color. I want something more vibrant reflecting energy, freshness…new life…hope.  That’s the real “why” driving my decision to purchase a new couch.

Recognition programs provided by most providers have the same basic “frame”, but what kind of “home” (i.e. culture) will it reside in?  What do our clients want it to reflect– Life? Energy? Innovation? Change? Hope?  Does your current program represent a past that is no longer the present reality?  Does it point to where you want to be?

We’re not going to tell you why you need a recognition and reward system.  We will guide and challenge you to dig deep and excavate that deeper “why.”

For more information on finding your why – below is a link to a great TED talk about the “why” by Simon Sinek called How great leaders inspire action.